SA is 'angry' amid lockdown and downgrade woes

In this edition of the Business Day Spotlight, we look at how South Africans are feeling about the economy given the Covid-19 crisis and recent Moody’s downgrade.`

Our host Mudiwa Gavaza is joined on the line by Professor Talita Greyling, an economist at University of Johannesburg, specialising in wellbeing economics to discuss their ongoing study around how people are feeling about the economy.

New research by Greying and their partners shows that South Africans are angry after the first weekend of the national lockdown.

The discussion starts with an explanation of wellbeing economics. Greyling says hard economic data like GDP growth and inflation projects don’t often tell the full story of how people in a country are feeling. This is the gap they are trying to fill.

Professor Greyling also explains how they go about collecting data, the rationale for doing this research, how it can be used discern trends and plans to expand their data pool.

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